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Our Curriculum

​​​​​The Three-Year Cycle

Our preschool and kindergarten programs are designed on a three-year basis. The three year cycle and mixed age grouping aid social development by giving our children the opportunity to learn from each other and to accept different levels of ability.  Though a child will gain life-long benefits from even one year of Montessori learning, parents are encouraged to enroll their child in the entire three-year long daycare program. This allows the child to work in all areas of the curriculum and take full advantage of his or her preschool years in the Montessori Method.

Dr. Montessori realized that children of the same age do not necessarily develop at the same rate. The multi-age grouping is designed to meet the individual developmental needs of each child. This results in a stimulating, cooperative atmosphere. It also alleviates competition between children. Each child is encouraged to better himself and not worry about where anyone else is.  The three year curriculum also allows the student the luxury of exploring knowledge that is of interest to him/her for days or even weeks at a time knowing that by the end of the three years the child’s educational growth will be balanced in all areas. They do not necessarily develop at a steady rate every nine months, September through May. The Montessori classroom allows for this type of sporadic growth.  The older child benefits from helping the younger child. The older child reinforces his/her own knowledge by teaching younger children. She can humanize her own character by empathizing with the needs and expressions of younger children. It is an opportunity for that shy and introverted student to be outgoing and confident, to assume a leadership role, and to gain skills that she/he will then apply to her/his own age group.