Preparing Today's Child for Tomorrow's World


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Your child may be well on his or her way to be the next Science Guy! Our fun science lessons will expose campers to various hands-on activities and experiments, such as eye of the storm, fossils, solar system, pre-historic life and much more! 

Physical Education

Physical Education class introduces campers to a variety of sports and fitness programs such as gymnastic, yoga, bounce house, karate and much more.  These activities will strengthen your child’s fine and gross motor skills.

Performing Arts

Is your child always putting on a show?  Performing Arts class offers your child the opportunity to get creative and build self confidence.  Activities include: acting/performing, modeling, dancing and much more.

Visual Arts

Campers will be exposed to various activities such as ceramic art, wood working, pottery and much more.  These activities will help children build their hand/eye coordination, allow them to get creative, and have a great time turning their imagination into works of art!

Summer Camp

*Summer Camp schedules, policies and hours are the same as during the school year for your convenience.  Additional information is available upon request.   Please note that camp activities may vary from year to year.

The school year may be over, but your children are still learning!  Summer Camp at Children's House continues to enhance your child’s cognitive skills with lots of play and unique activities.  Summer lessons focus on fun and give children the opportunity to discover their own talents and interests.