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The Children’s House Montessori School of East Boca definitely lives up to its name as a “house for  children”.  Each day we dropped our son off, we felt as though we were leaving him with his extended family.  He was treated as an individual, and his unique needs were the constant priority of all the teachers and staff. At Children’s House students are taught with love and respect as their potential areas of development are nurtured.  We are forever grateful for the love of learning that Alex’s years at Children’s House inspired in him.

Tiffany and Casimir Maciulewicz

My little boy, Griffyn, has simply thrived since beginning at Children's House East Boca.  He transferred when three after exhibiting some uncharacteristic behavioral issues at another great school.  The teachers at Children's House simply know children and how to interact on their respective levels.  At almost five, my guy is now one of the "big boys" in his class and simply adores the school, his teachers, and classmates.  As his beloved teacher recently shared, Grif's beautiful mind has had a learning explosion whereby he genuinely loves reading and math!  I recommend and endorse Children's House wholeheartedly!

Kate Kellis

I am a mother of 4 beautiful children.  My older 2 children Stephanie & Alex graduated from Children's House and my 3rd child Nicholas is currently enrolled.  Children’s House Montessori provides an exceptional foundation for little ones.  It is a nurturing environment where kids love to learn and explore life.  The teachers are phenomenal, caring and loving.  Stephanie & Alex are consistent A Honor Roll Students and are excelling in their studies and love school.   Stephanie wants to pursue Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Alex is "Gifted" in Palm Beach County.  I can comfortably say that Children's House Montessori provided a positive attitude toward learning for my children. This place truly feels like home.

Grace Granda

We feel proud and extremely happy sending our kids to Children’s House and we have not found more excellent people and superb professionalism from the management level down to the class assistants.

We’ll be glad to help and keep building this amazing family you have created at Children’s House.

Juan Zuetta and Romina Erquicia

From the moment we arrived at Children's house, I knew this was where we belonged.  We felt welcomed and encouraged to see our son grow in a nurturing environment.  Parents are a huge part of the children’s activities and can be as active as they wish to be in the school as well as the children's academics.

Sonya G.


We appreciate being part of the Children's House North Boca family. Our experiences have been nothing but positive.  It says a lot about the learning environment when children look forward to going to school. It is clear that the staff truly care about our children. After 3 years and 2 children attending Children's House North Boca we look forward to sending our new bundle of joy here.

Danisha and Samari Rolle

Putting into words how grateful and thankful we are that we selected the “ Children's House North Boca ” is very difficult.  We could fill the page with superlatives and it would not come close to expressing the positive feelings we have towards your school. Starting with Ms. Lisa, who always greets us with a smile, to every one of the teachers and administrators, we feel a part of a big family.

Our second daughter (to attend your school) will soon be finishing her second year at CH; we could not be happier with her progress.  Not only has she succeeded academically (she is reading!!!) but she is learning important social skills as well (e.g. independently solving problems) and respect for other’s property and opinions.  Thank you Ms. Marion and Ms. Maria!

Every morning our daughter wakes up with “do I get to go to school today?”  If our reply is positive, she smiles, and begins to get herself ready and doesn’t want to be late.  She even encourages us to hurry up.  She is disappointed when we pick her up and is excited when she has homework.  Both of our daughters have become close friends with other children from very diverse backgrounds and hopefully this will prepare them better for the diverse world in which we live.  Additionally, we have met some of our closest friends as a result of our daughters attending your school.

We are not sure who is going to miss your school more, our daughter or us, but we have thoroughly enjoyed our time and wanted to express our sincerest appreciation for a job well done.  We will continue to recommend Children's House North Boca to everyone we know.


Maria and Brian Johnson

Our son is still somewhat new to the Children’s House Montessori School of North Boca, but even in the short time he has been there, we have seen a great improvement in his listening skills, his socialization and his interest in exploring his world and asking questions.  His new favorite phrase is “Mama, what’s that all about?”.  We couldn’t be happier with his teacher, Miss Janet, the entire staff and the wonderful environment they create for the children.

Shin Family – Parents of Jaiden

Our son has been attending Children’s House since he was 2 years old. We enrolled Aiden at Children’s House because we wanted a challenging environment for our son. We found Children’s House and knew that their Montessori based program was exactly what we were looking for. Within weeks of becoming a student at Children’s House, Aiden's vocabulary expanded exponentially and his behavior changed dramatically. His teachers were experts in working together on building the key skills he would need to succeed in both the classroom and in life by focusing on several disciplines.  Not only did his teachers zone in on his "personal" strengths - they also were exceptional in working on his weaknesses. Children’s House helped our son from potty training, to behavior issues, to learning basic reading and math in an environment that was fun and supportive.  Through Children’s House, we have seen our son grow intellectually and socially. It has been amazing to see him progress and excel in a nurturing environment into an independent thinker.  He is already reading and doing math on a kindergarten level and embracing arts and language that play a key role in his educational endeavors.  We could not be more pleased with the staff at Children’s House and what they have done with our son.  We can say with complete confidence- we highly recommend this school to ANY parent out there.

The Sherlocks

Alicia and I have the honor and privilege to have our 4 year old daughter attending Children's House Montessori School.  She has been a student at CHMS for over two years and it has been and continues to be a very rewarding experience for our daughter and ourselves, as parents.   The educators and administration have successfully created an optimal environment for the pedagogical deliverables which have enhanced our daughter’s educational outcomes, personal development, and social skill sets.   Of course, as parents, we enjoy the benefits of being part of the CHMS family by participating in and attending numerous school based and social activities where we make a difference in our community and world as well as networking with diverse and enjoyable group of parents.

If you are considering a school for your little angel, stop, you have found it.  We look forward to welcoming you into the CHMS family.

Alicia & Levi

When our first child started at Children’s House Montessori School—North Boca Raton formerly known as Children’s Learning Center in 2007, we didn't know a lot about Montessori education. Since then, we’ve learned a lot and now understand that the real point is how Montessori education is about observing the child, seeing that desire to learn and channeling that desire in various ways, dependent upon each child.  Our son has gained independence, confidence, imagination, initiative and the ability to work quietly on a task, while being respectful of others’ space.  Although this is her first year, our daughter is self confident and is a great conversationalist.  All of these qualities are nurtured and encouraged at CH.  The culture at CH is varied, which is a plus as well as both children are exposed to different cultures and languages.  We’re excited that both of our children are able to have a strong foundation for their development, and highly recommend this school!

Stephanie Keystone

Our son Dmitry has been going to Children's House North Boca for the last 3 years…We are very happy with this school and the staff. He learned a lot of great things and has steadily progressed with his social and academic skills. Staff is very professional and loves children….Dmitry always has fun at school and loves going there every morning! We strongly believe that all he learned over the last 3 years has well prepared him for kindergarten and he will do well. Thank you to all his teachers and staff for hard work. We strongly recommend this school to all considering parents.

Dmitry’ Parents


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